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Heart Clinic / Peadiatric Cardiology

Welcome to Our Paediatric Cardiology Clinic

At our clinic, we understand that your child's heart health is a top priority. That's why we provide expert care and support to children with heart conditions, from newborns to teenagers. Our paediatric cardiologist, Dr David Youssef, is trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of heart problems, from congenital defects to arrhythmias and more.

Why Choose Our Cardiology Clinic?


Our paediatric cardiologist has years of experience in treating children's heart conditions and is dedicated to providing the highest quality care. We use the latest techniques and technologies to diagnose and manage your child's condition.


We offer a range of services to help your child's heart health, including diagnostic testing, medication management, and lifestyle counselling. We work closely with other healthcare professionals involved in your child's care to ensure a coordinated approach to treatment.


We understand that a heart condition can be stressful and emotional for your family. That's why we provide personalized, compassionate care that takes into account your child's unique needs and concerns. We also offer education and support to help your family understand your child's condition and how to manage it.

When to See the Paediatric Cardiologist?

You may want to seek our specialist services if your child experiences any of the following symptoms:


Heart murmur: an abnormal sound in the heart that may indicate a structural problem


High or low blood pressure: may be a sign of an underlying condition


Fast or irregular heartbeats: can cause palpitations, chest pain, or dizziness


Fainting, dizzy spells, syncope, or collapse: may indicate a serious heart problem


Chest pain: can be caused by several conditions such as myocarditis and more


Shortness of breath: can be a symptom of heart or lung problems


Cyanosis: a bluish tint around the lips or skin that may indicate low oxygen levels


Difficulty feeding or gaining weight: can be a sign of heart failure or other conditions


Poor growth: can be a symptom of chronic heart disease


Fatigue: may be caused by reduced blood flow or poor heart function


Exercise intolerance: may indicate a reduced capacity to perform physical activities


Family history of heart disease: some conditions may run in families, and early detection can be crucial.

Our Services

When you visit our clinic, our paediatric cardiologist will perform a thorough evaluation of your child's heart condition, including a physical examination and review of medical history. We may also recommend one or more diagnostic tests, such as an electrocardiogram (ECG) or an echocardiogram, to better understand your child's heart health.

Based on the findings, we will develop a personalized treatment plan that may include medication, lifestyle changes, or surgery, if necessary. We will also provide education and counselling to help your child and family better understand your child's heart condition and how to manage it.

We offer ongoing follow-up care and monitoring to ensure that your child's heart health remains stable and any changes are detected early.

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